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Which Course Is Right For You?

Th​e Power Boating Academy has been rated the #1 Pleasure Craft, Driver Training Program by

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Who Are We?

​​​​​​​​​​​ We are a group of highly experienced and certified professionals that offer a fun, condensed course to provide hands-on boat driver training.  Whether you are a new boater or a seasoned pro, we guarantee to take your boating skills to a new level.  Our professional instructors have been providing government approved courses since 2001.

Boat Handling:

Our most popular course for adults. One hour of "ground school" will provide the specifics of boat controls and review local navigation details.  Then we go out on the water and you do the driving.  Our step-by-step procedures and 'tip-based' course, will give you the confidence and skills you need to maximize your boat driving experiences.  Special attention is given to close quarter maneuvering and docking.  Learn a lot quickly with this popular pleasure boating course, in approximately four hours of driver training.

With the written materials we give you at the end of the course, you can review and practice the many tips you have learned. This course is a favorite for both men and women.


This on water course is basically the same as the Boat Handling course, above, utilizing some special teaching aidstargeted to students aged 11 to 16.

Advanced Driving Skills and Performance Boating:

For experienced boaters looking to raise their skill levels. Topics include: maximizing speed - close quarter maneuvers and tight docking - emergency and rescue procedures -

night operations - running boat wakes and rough water operation - crabbing - fuel saving

signals - turn and drag limits - passenger safety.  

    It's Simple!

If after any of our courses, you did not enjoy it or  learn more about driving your boat, we will fully refund your course fee.

                            Making Boating Safe and Fun!

Who Are We?

The Best Guarantee in Boater Training

Our professional instructors have each been providing government approved courses since 2001. Expect a high-energy, fun-filled, high quality learning experience. Beginners will learn a multitude of skills and gain confidence. More experienced boaters will polish their technique and pick up driving tips that will help make their boating safer and more fun.

Make your time on the water more enjoyable. Every PBA course will give you the boating skills and confidence you need to be a better boater.

Canadian Pricing

Each course:
$160 - with discounts for 2nd and 3rd person.
Plus mileage, where applicable.

We look forward to seeing you.

Bill Jennings, Director

Cellphone (239) 898-2219


US Pricing

Each course:

$140 - with discounts for 2nd and 3rd person.
Plus mileage where applicable.

            Simple as 1 - 2 - 3 -  

   1)  Select a course - 2) Book a day - 3) We provide the course you choose.
 Use your own boat while learning many important boating procedures and tips.                                         Graduates say the program is an  enjoyable learning experience. 
 Upon completion, you will receive a wallet sized
Power Boating Academy, Pleasure Craft Driver's Certificate of  competency - - plus a list of insurance companies that offer our graduates a discount on their boat insurance.